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Hi All,
I'm Rose (nickname), I live in Sydney and I learned about the case in May 2006 flicking channels and happened to go on the Crime Channel and PL1 was on , it was half way through it and I totally missed what was going on ...The case really drew me in and I had to know more about it.. the next day i was on the net researching and finding as much info as I could!

I believe Damien, Jason and Jessie are innocent of this crime as there is no evidence to support they have commited it, I hope we can find enough real solid evidence to find the killers and bring peace to Christopher, Michael and Stevie.
Please visit my Myspace Page I created www.myspace.com/wm3australia. If anyone is interested in having a chat, feel free to message me :) Supporters .. Non Supporters.. Fence sitters... you name it, i do not judge what you believe in :)

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